Street route numbers make Abu Dhabi navigation simpler

Abu Dhabi, July 27 (IANS/WAM) The Abu Dhabi municipality has implemented a new system giving street route numbers that it maintains will greatly ease the process of navigation for the city’s residents and visitors alike, media reported on Monday.

Route numbers have also been added to overhead signs in the city as well as its outskirts under the new addressing system ‘Onwani’ (My Address).

Onwani is now being rolled out by the Abu Dhabi city municipality (ADM), in coordination with the department of municipal affairs (DMA).

The main streets of Abu Dhabi Island have been named after the emirate’s visionary leaders and heroes. Notable examples are Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street (Route No.18) and Sultan Bin Zayed the First Street (Route No.20).

The ADM has said that in order to honour the visionaries’ wishes of making Abu Dhabi a world-class hub, the new system is in line with exemplary international standards while proudly upholding the local heritage.

“In addition to honouring our Emirati heritage through the new street names, overhead street name signs also clearly display the route numbers,” the ADM said.

“This way our residents and visitors can easily navigate along different routes throughout the island, and travelling from one location to another will become smoother and more convenient than ever before,” it said.

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