Students Celebrate Holi with Traditional Fervour

Pics by Prasanna Kodavoor

Manipal: The students of Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal University celebrated Holi on Thursday March 24.

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Students, teaching and non-teaching staff joined the celebrations. It was a glorious occasion for students from all over the world studying here to celebrate the festival of colours. Students were seen painting each other with rainbow colours. Colours of all hues, the smell of’gulal’ and joyous spirit pervaded the streets as students celebrated Holi with traditional fanfare and gaiety.

holi-kmc-greens-24032016-08 holi-kmc-greens-24032016-09 holi-kmc-greens-24032016-10 holi-kmc-greens-24032016-11 holi-kmc-greens-24032016-12 holi-kmc-greens-24032016-13 holi-kmc-greens-24032016-14 holi-kmc-greens-24032016-15

Soon after breakfast, students headed for the KMC Greens ground played holi with absolute fun and joy with plenty of gulal and water colours provided by the institute. They never missed an opportunity to sprinkle all sorts of vibrant colours on the faces of their friends.

Every student enjoyed every moment to their heart’s content. Students danced armed with ‘pichkaris’ chasing each other.

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