Suaharda Samiti Udyavar holds ‘Eid Sauharda Koota’

Suaharda Samiti Udyavar holds ‘Eid Sauharda Koota’

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Udupi: Suaharda Samiti Udyavar, Sauharda Samiti Udupi, Lions, Lioness and Leo clubs, Udupi-Indrali and District Minorities Forum jointly organised ‘Eid Sauharda Koota’ at St Francis Xavier Church Hall, Udyavar here, on Wednesday, July 6.

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On behalf of all communities, Bishop Gerald Lobo and the Sarva Dharma Samiti honoured Minister Pramod Madhwaraj. Bishop Lobo admired Muslims for their sacrifice during the thirty days of Ramadan. “We should live as brothers with mutual understanding. Such programmes will help to develop brotherhood between communities,” he added.

Minister Promod Madhwaraj and businessman Yasin Malpe also addressed the gathering and wished all Muslims. Mohammed Bahadur recited a poem on the occasion.

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F B Yakub, R P Monis (president, Suaharda Samiti Udyavar), Sugandhi Shekhar (president, Udyavar Gram Panchayat), Lawrence D’sa (vice president, parish pastoral council), Valerian Fernandes (president of Catholic Sabha, Udupi diocese), Maulana Abdul Rashid Rehmani (Jamia Masjid, Udyavar), Alfonso D’costa and others were present.

Fr Fred Mascarenhas, the parish priest of Udupi Church, delivered the keynote address. Fr Roque D’Souza, the parish priest of Udyavar Church, welcomed the gathering. Mohammed Maula, president of Lions Club Udupi, delivered the vote of thanks. Steevan Colaco Udyavar and Wilfred D’Souza compered the programme.

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