Subrahmanya: Autorickshaw Driven by Woman Rolls over – Lucky Escape without Injury

Subrahmanya: It is quite rare to see women driving autorickshaws to make a living, although it is regarded as a symbol of woman empowerment.

Instances of women plying three-wheelers to carry passengers were heard from Padubidri, Kundapur and a few other places. They may not have sustained for long in a domain generally regarded as one meant only for men.

Leelavati is brave woman earning her daily bread by plying an auto in this temple town. She is being treated with respect and admiration by the residents.

Late last week, she, however, had a bad experience. As she tried to overtake a bus, she failed to notice an Omni car. It brushed on the side of the rickshaw, resulting in its rolling over into a ditch.

Fortunately enough, Leelavati came out unscathed, although her vehicle got smashed. There were no passengers too. Otherwise, there would have been major injuries.

Another brave woman:

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