Subrahmanya: Avabhritotsava, Boat-ride Held as Part of Champa Shashthi

Subrahmanya: As part of the annual Champa Shashthi observance, the boat-ride for the idol and Avabhritotsava were held in river Kumaradhara here on Friday morning.

Chief priest Seetaram Yedapadittaya led the rituals. Thousands of devotees took a dip in the holy river on the occasion.

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Also part of the event were Okuli Puja in Dwadashi Mantap, Okuli sprinkling for the devotees and other rituals. The Avabhritotsava ‘savari’ of the idol started from the temple, with a Katte puja at Biladwara.

There was such a heavy rush of devotees that barricades had to be set even in the river water.

The entire train of events is expected to conclude on Dec 22, the Shuddha Dwadashi day of the month of Margashira.

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