Subrahmanya: Devotee Doing ‘Urulu Seve’ Injured as Car Passes over His Foot

Subrahmanya: There has been a heavy rush of devotees in this temple town on the occasion of Champa Shashthi during this week.

The occasion is marked by several rituals. The controversial ‘Made Snana’, wherein devotees roll over on the banana leaves with leftovers after the upper-class devotees eat at the Shri Kukke Subrahmanya temple. The supreme court has issued a stay on this ritual.

Similarly, ‘urulu seve’, wherein devotees keep lie outside the temple and keep rolling and circling around the temple, is also held around this time. A number of devotees go a step further. They bathe in river Kumaradhara and start rolling towards the temple right from the river bank, over a stretch of about two kilometres.

As Ganapayya, a devotee from Manadka, was doing this ritual on Monday, one of the wheels of a tourist car passed over his foot near the Vallisha auditorium. He was so deeply engrossed in his faith and devotion, he did not seem to have realized the pain until he completed the ritual.

Besides others, a woman physician who was present there, noticed his agony and got him hospitalized. The car had not stopped after the mishap. Those present passed on the information to the police. The car was intercepted at the Gundya check post on the Shiradi ghat road. The man who was driving is said to be from Chitradurga.

The residents have complained that there is no proper police security over this stretch of road.

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