Subrahmanya: ‘Jumbo’ Menace Continues to Unsettle Farmers around Temple Town

Subrahmanya: A herd of wild elephants that have descended from the Kumaraparvata lap of the Western Ghats has been marching around agricultural areas around this temple town over the past few days.

The most affected villages are Noochila, Agrahara and others. On Tuesday night, the herd barged into the farm of retired Kannada lecturer Keshava Bhat and destroyed almost the entire banana plantation, which had a rich yield.

Earlier this week, a sole elephant is said to have appeared on an interior road. A bike-rider spotted it from a distance and ran for his life, leaving the vehicle behind.

Several villagers complained that they had to face the menace posed by monkeys, wild boars and peacocks as well.

‘Trunk’ Calls!

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