Subrahmanya: Jumbos Uproot Trees Causing Blockage of Arterial Road

Subrahmanya: Then man-elephant conflict just refuses to be out of limelight. Wild elephants have been moving around the temple town during the past few years.

Besides destroying agricultural and farm produce every now and then, they have shown up on rural interior roads many times. The pachyderms are been freely moving around in Harihara-Pallatadka and Kollamogaru villages.


Apart from loss to property, residents, school-childrenn in particular, are scared to attend classes because of the sudden appearance of these animals at different places at different times.

On Tuesday night, they uprooted out a tree by the side of an arterial linking road between Harihara and Pallatadks causing a total blockage. Since the tree also fell across an overhead power-line, cutting off electrical supply.

An ambulance which was carrying a sick person was held up. Those in the vehicles on either side had to wait until dawn. As the sun rose, many of them took courage and came out. Collecting whatever implements they could from the neibours, they began cutting the tree’s branches to clear the road.

Soon the forest personnel also arrived and shifted the logs to enable traffic to run smoothly.

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