Subrahmanya: Kulkunda Farmer Suffers Losses as Wild Elephants Go on Rampage again

Subrahmanya: A herd of wild elephants has been targeting a farm owned by Ravindra Kumar Rudrapada, a progressive farmer from Kulkunda, for almost a week.

This temple town lying on the lap of the Bisile ghat and its surrounding areas have often been visited by the uninvited guests from the wild. There was a reprieve for two or three months but all of a sudden the rampage has recurred.

Rudrapada’s farm has been extensively damaged. The attack on Tuesday night was the worst. About 200 areca trees have been razed to the ground by the marching pachyderms. More than 20 coconut trees have perished.

Besides, several banana trees have been trampled on and water and sprinkler pipelines have been destroyed. Other farmers too are living in scare and suspense as the movement of the herds is unpredictable.

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