Subrahmanya: Leopard on Prowl Keep Residents on their Toes

Subrahmanya: A leopard is said to have strayed into residential areas near the temple town on Saturday night.

Early in the night, the big cat entered the yard of the house belonging to Balakrishna of Amai in Panjipalla. It tried to carry the pet dog away. It grabbed the neck and lower adbominal parts of the dog and then ripped the body open.

Then for some reason it ran away. Guttigar veterinarian Venkatachalapati has treated the dog. The injuries might take long to heal,

Residents and farmers have reported about the regular movement of leopards in and around Nalkoor village. They have been forced to keep a watch on their household animals. They are plain puzzled over the sudden rise in the number of leopards that have begun visiting the human territories.

Leopards everywhere!

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