Subrahmanya: Nag Panchami Observed at Shri Kshetra Kukke, the Revered Abode of Serpents

Subrahmanya: Hindus regard Shri Kshetra Kukke Subrahmanya as the abode of nagas or serpents.

Here puja is offered to lord Subrahmanya in tandem with serpent king Vasuki. Hence, the place is believed to be the ultimate solace for salvation from any sort of naga doshas.


Thousands of devotees come here from far and wide to offer Sarpa Samskara, Nagapratishtha, Ashlesha Bali and other rituals. The day of Nag Panchami therefore has a special significance here.


On Wednesday, as expected, devotees thronged the holy place for special prayers, pujas and rituals. Long hours of bhajans were also part of the programme.


Regular visitors, however, noticed that this year, most of the crowd was local places and there were not many from other parts of the state or the country.

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