Subrahmanya: Unidentified Male Body Found at Kumaradhara Bathing Ghat

Subrahmanya: A man was found dead at a turn in the Kumaradhara bathing ghat on Wednesday evening. His identity is not known.

He is thought to be a devotee who had come for a dip in the river and accidentally slipped into it and dragged by river currents.

Since there was no complaint about any missing person in the police station, he might have come alone and was not part of any group.

His height is about 5 feet and his age is estimated at 45 years. With wheatish complexion, he has less growth of hair on either side of the head.

The Subrahmanya police are trying to establish his identity by contacting other police stations where complaint about any missing person with similar identification marks may have been lodged.

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