Sullia: Alert Nightwatchman Wards off Attempt to Lift Cattle from Highway

Sullia: A group of unidentified men is said to have tried to lift a cow which was roaming around in front of Shri Hari complex on the state highway in the middle of the town on Tuesday midnight.

Having spotted the animal straying on the road, the men who arrived in a Qualis car stopped over and tried to carry it away. Sunil, a watchman who was on night duty, came to the road. The miscreants reportedly pelted stones at him. He too retaliated with stones.

Sensing trouble, the gang sped away in the car. Sunil immediately informed the police. Although the car could not be chased or traced, the entire incident is said to have been recorded in the footage of CCTV cameras installed at different points. The police are investigating the case.

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