Sullia: Bison Charges at Autorickshaw Close to Town – Occupants Escape to Safety

Sullia: In spite of deforestation, this town has still remained surrounded by thick forest areas like Poomale, Bengamale and others. Wild animals were often found in the grey zones between forests and human habitation.

Wild elephants and Indian sambars make their presence in different places in the taluk every now and then. But sighting of a bison (Indian gaur), locally called ‘kaati’ is said to be rare.

Some years ago, a bison had been spotted near the road to Subrahmanya. Herds are believed to be present in the reserve forests in Anegundi by the side of the road to Puttur between Kanakamajalu and Pernaje.

Perhaps never was any bison reported to have been found close to the town. However, a bison appeared in Soortila in Ubaradka on the outskirts and charged at a running autorickshaw on Monday night. It seemed to have felt irritated and threatened by the shrill engine noise of the vehicle.

Kumar Kerpala, who was riding the vehicle with two passengers on board, suddenly observed the onset by the bison. He, along with passengers Subrahmanya Nellittaya and Sudarshan Nellittaya, ran away to safe places to save themselves. The vehicle has been heavily damaged.

The matter has been brought to the attention of forest personnel.

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