Sullia: Case of Arrest after Phone Call to Minister Takes Political Turn

Sullia: The backward classes morcha of the Bharatiya Janata Party has taken up the case of arrest of Sai Giridhar Rai from Bellare following his allegedly abusive phone call to energy minister Shivakumar and beginning an innovative protest.


Starting on Wednesday, Feb 2, the morcha members will phone the minister throughout with complaints about the power cuts in the taluk.

The morcha has condemned the way in which he was arrested by a team of over 20 policemen in the dead of the night. Since he had not come out of his house in Bellare and had made the police wait for long, the latter took recourse to breaking the door open.

Rai is said to be a party sympathizer and hence it would not miss the opportunity of protecting his interest, said a worker.

Bengaluru report:

Speaking to the mediapersons who sought clarification on the episode, Shivakumar said that Rai had made similar calls in abusive language to the MESCOM staff over the past six months.

He called Shivakumar on three days running and spoke in abusive tone. The MESCOM staff informed the minister that in the recent months, he had spoken to them in aggressive language. He had also threatened them saying that being a BJP worker, he was capable of doing anything.

It was for this reason that a complaint against him was filed. Earlier the minister had phoned the superintendent of police in Mangaluru and informed him of Rai’s behaviour.

Earlier report:

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