Sullia: Daylight Theft of Cash from Shop at Balemakki – CCTV Footage Nails Cuprit

Sullia: On Sunday morning, as the business was in progress at Rangoli Garments shop by the main road at Balemakki, a man entered in the guise of a customer.

He reportedly diverted the attention of the staff elsewhere and took away Rs 6,200 from the chest of cash drawers. As he left immediately his identity could not be established. A complaint was filed at the Sullia police station in this regard.

When the footage from a CCTV installed nearby was verified, it cleared showed the culprit. On Monday, he was spotted by the traders as he kept roaming around the same place.

He was caught and handed over to the police. He has been identifed as D Girish of Bellippady.

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