Sullia: Depressed Man Confines Self at Home, Fires at Police in Rescue Mission

Sullia: Mahesh, a law graduate residing in Chatubai of Aivernad village in the taluk, is reportedly in a state of depression for the last few months.

He and his wife had a marital discord, following which she went back with their child to her parental home to live with them. The child is said to have died after some time.

Upset over these developments, Mahesh lived in a state of self-imposed solitary confinement at home, not allowing anyone in his vicinity. There are reports that he threatened anyone approaching by flashing his gun.

Worried about his health and life, a volunteer organization reported the matter to the police. On Saturday, the Sullia police team went to his house and appealed to him to come out. When he refused to do so, the police tried to pump in smoke from burnt chilli powder, which too did not work.

Finally they broke open the front door to get him out. But he is said to have fired at them with his gun.

The police gave up their efforts and went back. Further details are yet to be received.

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