Sullia: It’s Action Replay ! Jumbos Return to Cause Damage to Agricultural Growth outside Town

Sullia: Elephants are said to have a very good memory. This was proved when a grown-up elephant and a calf appeared in a few farms and wrought havoc on Wednesday night.

The herd was in the news recently by camping very close to the KVG education campus. It is likely that they have remembered the route very well.

On Wednesday night, they marched around the property owned by Vithal, Anand, Rangappa and Dasappa of Tudiadka of Ajjavara village on the outskirts of the town, destroying banana, areca and coconut plantation. A herd is suspected to be lurking around, although only two were spotted.

The duo was spotted again on Thursday morning. The villagers burst fire-crackers and tried to shoo them away. They strongly suspect that the herd has not gone back to the forest.

The farmers have kept old vehicle tyres ready to be burnt to scare the elephants if they turn up again.

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