Sullia: Jumbos Back again in Their Favourite Haunt at Mandekolu Creating Fear

Sullia: The people of Mandekolu on the outskirts of this education town are living in a state of fear because the wild elephants which have made this village their favourite spot to have a field day are back in action and in the news.

Over the past three days, a herd has been camping and marching around Akkappadi and Mandekolu temple surroundings. While they lie low during daytime, they begin their activities of marching across and munching any agricultural growth they come across.

A few months ago, a large herd had crossed the Payaswini river at Parappe and entered the human territories. Now that a herd of at least 8 pachyderms has visited the village, the people are in a state of fear and insecurity.

Reports have been received of damage to farms in Akkappadi, Bolugallu, Chakote, Peraje, Kalladka, Mavaji, Putya, Kanyana, Erkalpadi and other corners of Mandekolu.

In spite of the forest personnel’s continuous efforts to keep them at bay, the elephants appear to have tasted the growth in villages and found it better than that in the forests.

Visitors’ diary:

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