Sullia: Jumbos Camp in Town Periphery Again , Just Across River Payaswini

Sullia: This education town, after a short break, again got on on alert as a herd of wild elephants camped very close to the town boundaries this week.

On three or four occasions, the herd has approached the town, curiously enough, from different directions. Npw. over the past four days, the jumbos have camped by the western bank of river Payaswini. They made an attempt to cross the river to enter Bhasmadka, a corner of the town.

On one of the earlier instances, they had camped very close to the education campus in Kurunji Bagh. This time too, the forest personnel, with the help of residents, are trying to keep them at bay by bursting crackers.

Extra caution is being taken because there are two calves in the herd. The elephants are extremely possessive and protective when there is any young one among them. They can turn extremely aggressive with the slightest provocation or perception of threat.

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