Sullia: Jumbos Show up in Adpangaya and Haspare Areas in Ajjavara Village

Sullia: The regions surrounding Adpangaya and Haspare near Ajjavara and Mandekolu villages on the periphery of Kerala boundary are known for wild elephant menace for quite some time.

Agriculturists in the taluk have suffered losses in lakhs of rupees in recent years on account of the jumbo menace. After a break, a herd of about seven of them strayed from the Kerala forest.

A sole jumbo appeared in public view in Patikallu and created scare among the people for some time.

Although they marched into a few farms located in the villages, no details of damage were immediately available. The forest personnel , assisted by the residents, have taken steps o drive the pachyderms back into the forest by bursting loud fire-crackers.


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