Sullia: Jumbos Simply Love Town Life, Refuse to Return to Natural Habitat

Sullia: Wild elephants that have landed from the Kerala boundary forests appear to have like the taste of the agricultural produce in Narkodu and Aletty near here.

Although the forest officials, with the assistance of villagers, had managed to drive them back to the forest, the herd returned through another route. The herd, consisting of seven elephants including two calves, has camped at Bainegundi on the upper terrain of Bellappare in Ajjavara village. They were also spotted in Enavara of Aletty village earlier this week.

Often, they keep trumpeting loudly and this disturbance has been sending chill down the spines of the residents. When there are young ones in a herd, the elephants, being possessive and protective, can turn violent at the slightest provocation.

Now the forest personnel are looking for ways and means of stopping their inroads into the residential areas. Poorly equipped, they have been resorting to the age-old methods like beating of drums and bursting of crackers. But the elephants do not seem to care for the worn-out methods.

‘Trunk’ Calls!

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