Sullia: Pair of Indian Sambar Deer Found Dead in Farm – Fight Effect Suspected

Sullia: A pair of Indian Sambar Deer (Rusa unicolor) was found dead at the fencing of U Venkataramana in Ubaradka on the outskirts of the town on Monday.


Both were male and one of them, aged about 4 years, was large in size and the other, about 3 years, smaller. Their antlers were found entangled to the barbed wire fencing.

It is suspected that they had locked horns with each other and died in the process. Assistant conservator of forests Ganapaty and staff visited the spot and completed the formalities.

Farmers often come across sambars in their farms. Hurting and hunting them is prohibited under wildlife laws.

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  1. Why cant the forest dept preserve them ? At least it would serve the purpose for kids to see these animals closely and understand what this animal is all about. Just putting them back to the ground is another waste of such valuable species.

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