Sullia: A Salute to Integrity! Woman Returns 8-sovereign Gold Found on Road

Sullia: In the modern times, when honesty and integrity are gradually eroding, instances of persons returning the valuables to the owners happen to be so refreshing and reassuring.

Pushpavati, hailing from Mavinakatte, had arrived in town on Feb 15. While walking by the road, she found a heavy gold chain near Dwaraka restaurant in Balemakki locality.

She took it to G L Acharya jewellery shop to get the gold content verified. They confirmed that it was genuine gold and evaluated it at Rs 1,75,000.

She immediately took it to the police station for safe custody until the owner was found.

In the meantime, the owner of the ornament, Zarina S A, wife of Shafi K M of Adka near Hale Gate had informed all gold shops about the loss of her chain and requested them to inform her if they came across it.

The police, on hearing of the ownership, informed Zarina. She arrived at the station and provided the identity, which agreed with the chain found by Pushpavati.

Zarina was all praise for the honesty and integrity displayed by Pushpavati.

Thank Goodness!

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