Sullia: Sole Jumbo Appears Close to Panja Town – Possibly Same Old Trouble-maker

Sullia: A sole wild elephant, which had been separated from its herd, was in the news over three years ago by marching all across the taluk. Its movements were unpredictable.

On Feb 8, 2012 in particular, it had crossed the state highways at several points. On its way back into the forest, it had attacked Kushalappa Gowda, a resident of Pulikukku. It had also killed a few cattle. After damaging a bike, it had entered the forest from Nellyadi direction.

After remaining out of sight for three years or more, it made its appearance very close to Panja town on Dec 29. Those who had spotted it on an earlier occasion have confirmed it to be the same animal.

The forest personnel have been struggling to drive it off towards the forest, as its presence close to town has instilled a sense of scare among the residents.

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