Sullia: Unfazed by Drum-beats and Crackers, Wild Elephants Stay Put near Homes

Sullia: The Kerala boundary’s peripherial villages like Mandekolu and Ajjavara in the taluk continue to be the favourite haunts of wild elephants.

A herd of pachyderms had entered Adpangaya and Haspare areas of Ajjavara village from the forests in Kerala last week. The forest personnel, assisted by villagers, are using all methods like bursting of fire-crackers and beating of drums. But the thick-skinned animals just refuse to go away.

Instead of returning to the forest, the herd camped near residential areas of Paddambail in the village early this week. Besides being worried about the possible damage to their crops, the residents now fear for their lives.

However, in the meantime, collective efforts to drive them away have continued.

Trumpet calls:

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