Sullia: ‘Upgradation as Town Council Possible if Adjacent Villages Merge’ – Minister Sorake

Sullia: This education and agricultural town was a municipality at one time but was made into a town panchayat in accordance with revised panchayat laws.

The population of the town is slightly shorter than what is required to be upgraded into a town municipal council. Although the town looks well populated and witnesses vibrant human movement, a large part of it is the floating number of the student community.

Most of them are college students pursuing degree courses in Medicine, Engineering, Dental Science, Law, Ayurveda, Nursing Science, technical Diplomas and the like.

The town needs a lot more of infrastructure and development. Hence for many years there has been a demand for its upgradation into a TMC. But its population according to the 2011 census being slightly below the technical requirement of 20,000 has been a hitch in this process.

State urban development minister Vinayakumar Sorake was here at the weekend and when mediapersons asked him of the prospects of upgradation, he said that the proposal was pending because of the mandatory requirement. The deputy commissioner could send a recommendation to this effect.

He suggested that some adjacent villages consent to merge with the town panchayat and pass requisite resolutions. Only when the population figure would cross 20,000 the DC could send a proposal for upgradation to the government.

He added that the grants under urban development given to town panchayats would be hiked to Rs 8 crore from the present Rs 5 crore. The funds would be released after the zilla panchayat and taluk panchayat elections got over. He also gave an assurance of additional funds for the town’s drinking water project in the forthcoming budget.

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