Sullia: Wild Elephants Explore New Territory, Play Havoc at Former ZP Member’s Farm

Sullia: A herd of wild elephants, which had been giving sleepless nights to farmers and residents of Aletty, Ajjavara and Mandekolu villages near here, had been driven back to the forest by the police and departmental personnel last week.

But apparently they have developed a special taste for the agricultural produced rather than the traditional forest growth.

Two days ago, they marched into a new area of action and created havoc at the farm of Ravindra Rai Menala, a former member of the DK zilla panchayat.

The farm located at Medinadka was damaged on two occasions, on Feb 9 and Feb 11 in the night. A large number of coconut and arecanut plants have perished in the incidents.

Jumbo trouble!

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