Surgery saves newly-wed woman’s uterus

New Delhi, (IANS) A 30-year-old newly-wed woman’s uterus, which had developed a large fibroid, was saved with the help of laparoscopic surgery at a city hospital here, a statement said on Friday.

Measuring 140 x 119 x 126 mm in size, the fibroid was removed at the Saroj Super Speciality hospital here.

“The patient had visited multiple gynecologists and was told that her fibroid could be removed only by open operation with large incision and that it was impossible to save her uterus because the fibroid was present at an extremely critical location in the uterus,” the hospital said in a statement.

As the woman was married recently and had no children, her doctor at the hospital, Nisha Jain, head of department of gynecology decided to perform laparoscopic surgery to save the patient’s uterus.

“The fibroid was removed in bits and pieces…due to its size. This is the reason the surgery was considered to be a major surgery,” Jain said.

“After gap of one year the patient can conceive and deliver normal babies,” she added.

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