Sushma voices concern about nurses returning to Yemen

New Delhi, July 31 (IANS) External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Friday voiced concern about Indian nurses returning to Yemen despite escalation of fighting there.

“Many Indian nurses we evacuated from Yemen are going back. That is a cause for worry. Situation not normal and we do not have embassy there,” the minister tweeted.

India has issued a travel advisory for Yemen, saying the security situation in Yemen “continues to be fragile. The UN has raised the humanitarian crisis level of Yemen to the highest rung. Shortages of food items, cooking gas, diesel, petrol etc continue and water and electricity supply are also severely affected.

Conflict and bombings still continue and Government of India has already issued an advisory for avoiding travel to Yemen for its nationals. Since it will still take time for normalcy to return to Yemen, Indian nationals are once again advised to refrain from undertaking travel to Yemen,” the advisory said.

India evacuated over 4,000 of its nationals, besides many from other countries, from Yemen in April when fighting broke out between the Houthi Shia rebels and the Saudi-backed forces.

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