Suzuki stresses need for manufacturing ‘quality in India’

New Delhi, Sep 3 (IANS) Underlining the need for manufacturing “quality in India”, especially in the auto components sector, Suzuki Motor Corp chairman Osamu Suzuki on Thursday asked component makers to reinvest profits in their business if the country is to become a top international supplier.

“It is mentioned here Make in India, I’d like to add Quality in India,” Suzuki said while addressing the annual session of the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India.

“I believe if all suppliers follow quality in India, then they will be able to overcome the US and China and they can acquire the number one position in global market,” he said.

“The global recall of more than one million units of vehicles has put the focus on quality,” he added.

Suzuki asked component manufactures to reinvest profits in the business instead of diverting these elsewhere.

“I request all of you to reinvest your profits from components business in the same business.
Please do not divert profits in investing in hotels or leisure.”

“This is going to be the key point, the most critical point whether you are going to acquire top position in global market or not,” he said.

While the Indian automotive industry is also investing in the Make in India initiative, a focus on quality will determine if the components industry can become a global leader or not, Suzuki added.

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