Take Care of Your Teeth and Keep that Smile and Confidence!

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Dental care is as important as taking care of other parts of the body. In a general scenario, we tend to be lazy in taking care of our teeth. Dental care is given least priority. It may be due to negligence or lack of awareness, but dental care is important for good health.

We rush to a dentist only when a dental emergency pops up. Regular dental checkups are important to avoid various other hazardous health issues. Dental problems and gum infections are symptoms of an unhealthy body which need attention.

Oral cleanliness provides you with self-confidence and good health. Things to keep the dental hygiene can be done from home but at the same time regular dental checkups by a dentist will help in many ways to trace advanced dental problems like oral cancer, tumour and others.

Gum disease, loose bone, ulcers, strokes, heart disease and oral cancer are a few diseases that will result if the oral health is not maintained. Bad breath is a thwarting situation which needs to be taken care of. Chewing gums or mouth fresheners is not the solution for this and a regular check-up with the doctor is important.

Tooth decay is caused mainly by the carbohydrates in food. Saliva mixing with bacteria and fermentable carbohydrates in food, results in tooth decay. Healthy food practices are important to avoid tooth decay. Tooth erosion and gum diseases, which are linked to heart attacks and strokes, have to be taken care of at an earlier stage.

Regular dental check-ups, brushing twice a day and a healthy diet will provide oral hygiene and good health. Oral hygiene will bring a broad smile which indicates self-esteem and confidence. So let us give attention to our teeth and avoid long-term health issues.

Author: Cimona Sebastian

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