Talacauvery – What a Lensman Would’ve Otherwise ‘Mist’!

Madikeri: River Cauvery has remained sacred to the Hindus from time immemorial. It is also called ‘Dakshina Ganga’, the Ganges of the South and is regarded one among the most sacred seven rivers in India.


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Cauvery (Anglicized form of Kaveri) has its genesis at Talacauvery, also written as Talakaveri, which is located at the foot of Brahmagiri hills. The range is part of the Western Ghats in Kodagu district of Karnataka.

Talacauvery is 8 km away on motorable road from Bhagamandala, the age-old pilgrim centre, which is about 40 kms from Madikeri, making it a total distance of 48 kms.

When it rained around the weekend, the entire region was covered with a pall of mist, which could have been sorely missed if a camera was not ready in hand for the right shots.

Pics Ramachandra / IMPACT
Map courtesy: Google

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