Tanker Topples Causing Gas Leakage – Shiradi Road Traffic Diverted

Puttur: A gas-laden fuel tanker vehicle went out of its driver’s control and rolled over at the Kodyakallu turn in Shiradi village on Friday around 6 am.

Gas began leaking from the compartments. Two fire-tenders from Mangaluru and another from Puttur arrived and took precautions to prevent any hazard. A spare tanker was commissioned from MRPL Mangaluru and the gas was transferred. The job went on until late in the night.


Traffic from either side was diverted at a safe distance towards the Charmadi ghat direction. Vehicles were directed through Gundya-Kaikamba-Mardala-Ichlampadi from one side and Gundya-Kaikamba-Kadaba-Uppinangady route from the other end.

Tankers and heavy vehicles had difficulty in turning back and hence a line-up several kilometres long could be seen. Smaller vehicles managed to turn back to take to alternative routes.

special correspondent

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