Teaze Your Senses!

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After a major eating spree, The 3 hungry men were Thirsty. Come weekend come fun. This time we decided to ride to Manipal for some weekend fun. After battling the unpredictable roads and intolerable traffic, we stumbled upon ?Teaze? at End Point road, Manipal. We were fascinated by this new shop so we decided to put them to the test.

As we entered we were greeted by Mr. Suneeth Kishan. As we glanced at the menu we were in complete shock. We couldn?t believe our eyes, THEY SERVED BUBBLE TEA!!! Never had we seen this in India. We had only heard about it from Malaysia and Singapore.

Then, Suneeth explained to us that when he was in Australia he was fascinated by the concept and taste of bubble tea so much that he decided to bring it back to his home town in Manipal! And yes they are the 1st people in India to start Bubble tea?s.




Now the question to be answered was how good is it in India? Did Teaze manage to preserve the same taste they had abroad? Suneeth swiftly answered that he makes it better in India than anywhere else in the WORLD! Without further ado he ordered the 3 of his best drinks!

The first was Chocolate flavor with a milk tea base and tapioca bubble balls. This drink was a really different combination since none of us have ever had cold chocolate TEA! This was a nice one for all the milk tea lovers.

Next came the Kiwi flavor With a Green Tea base and Yogurt balls which just explodes in your mouth! We never imagined something with green tea was so tasty and healthy at the same time. This was truly another memorable drink. The kiwi flavour was so great it felt like we were eating a kiwi! And also a must for all the health freaks!

The 3rd and the finishing drink was the passion fruit with an Ice blended base with Mango pulp filled balls, This one gave us an immediate Brain Freeze! And before we realized we were lost in its taste. This was surely a drink all should try. Slow and smooth wins the race we say!

The drinks were amazing and we needed some answers! Suneeth then told us that the secret behind his amazing drinks are that ALL OF THE INGREDIENTS WERE IMPORTED! The flavours from Australia, The bubbles From Thailand and Malaysia and also their unique packaging system from China! But the tea is Assamese.

The people who drink these teas are not only students but also families who come down to Manipal and go to end point to spend their weekend evening there. Suneeth said Teaze was opened in Manipal in November 2010 and from then on thirsty students went crazy over these drinks as they are affordable and at the same time, one of a kind.

Then we were convinced that yes a drink can be so tasty.

Now we are asked to guess the price of the drinks! We all quoted rates from 80 right to up to Rupees 150. But to our shock, The small, medium and large sizes cost only 30, 40 and 50 Rupees respectively. Just the sound of it and we were floored!! Since then we made It a point to make it a point to visit Teaze whenever we felt thirsty.

Teaze also has a Branch is City Centre Mall in Mangalore. And soon, even Bangalore and Mysore will see their branches. Teaze also accepts Franchisee?s.

So all the hungry people out there we The 3 Hungry Men sincerely request you to head down to Teaze Not only because it will give your taste buds a new experience but also since its Easy on your pockets and great on taste!

The ratings by The 3 Hungry Men are as follows:
Ambience: 9/10
Taste: 10/10
Value for money: 10/10
Location: 10/10

Author: Colin DSouza- Nikhil Pai- Rajat R

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