There are many fine people such as the one whom I
know from the year 1975 to this day, almost 4
decades of my association, who have selflessly
enriched me in ways beyond measure and is
my spiritual friend – FR VIJAY KUMAR PRABHU SJ.

Fr Vijay’s hidden knowledge helped the humblest and
simplest people, an indication of his own simplicity and
innate spirituality which is much appreciated! He is generous in sharing his time and knowledge with big and small. His sharp mantra that I captured is this: “One must be poor in order to know the luxury of giving”. My deepest gratitude to Fr Vijay for his unfailing support during my days of turmoil!

A joyful priesthood is what Fr Vijay Prabhu lives and he strives for a balanced, personal and very energetic spiritual life. We all owe him a debt of gratitude. Fr Vijay is a great source of inspiration to us especially when we have gotten lost in our busy world. Thank you
dear Fr Vijay!

We salute and congratulate Fr Vijay on his 75th Birthday on 11.10.2015 and wish him and pray for happiness, peace, joy and healthy life now and in all the years to come!

A Jesuit with gentle soul and mind
Humble to all that’s his kind.
To have him around We are all proud,
The time we spend, he never makes us feel bored!
May you be blest more with happy smiles
Until your journey’s end of miles and miles.
This is the time for your joyful tears
Looking back at your successful Platinum Years !

Lena Bennis, Family
and Friends

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