The ‘New Diesel Cafe’ in ‘New Avatar’ brings Int’l Food under One Roof

The ‘New Diesel Cafe’ in ‘New Avatar’ brings Int’l Food under One Roof

Mangaluru: Bon Apetit! Diesel Cafe, a small but cozy eatery destination with an excellent ambiance, still at the same location on Balmatta Road since 2004, but now with a extreme-makeover in its “New Avatar” has increased their menu offerings that have been inspired by the freshest produce from the local markets, introducing an array of international cuisine/delicacies like American, Italian, Thai, French, Swiss, Moroccan, Mexican, South American, Spanish, Greek, Asian, etc. Their menu has been created by a young team of energetic Food and Beverage professionals under the supervision of Executive Chef Subhash Shirke, a corporate chef from Mumbai having a vast culinary experience working at the best food establishments in Mumbai and other cities.

Diesel Cafe is one of the chosen few hubs in Mangaluru city which is a must visit, which is located well within city perimeter at Balmatta, and the Cafe calls for a treat with respect to the breakfast served. The American breakfast with a combination of Belgian chocolate waffles are a must try. College students, youth and bunch of elders with disposable income are their main patrons. Their breakfast items are the best. The cafe is a small joint but seems quite popular with the young crowd. The food and the chilled out ambience make it definitely worth a try. To top it all, it serves beer/cocktails which makes it perfect to hang out for a hot day.

The new Diesel cafe is a great place to just relax throughout the week or on a weekend evening. The food what you get here is worth your money. Although Diesel Cafe is known for its great breakfast, however, the salads and Burgers are great too..Choice of Indian or continental or International is varied and good ..Indeed a great place to chill out with friends with a drink and good music as additional company. Come in hungry and you’ll leave smiling and happy, the food fills you up- Overall a good place for the mid-range dining experience.

Diesel Cafe is among a few places in the town where you can eat pancakes. Their waffles and pancakes are nice and scrumptious……teamed with sausages and eggs and you have a recipe for heaven! Try the Gangnam chicken or the roast lamb..The cheese croquettes and desserts are finger-licking’ good! The ambience is improved by a great deal by the music played in the background, old rock, jazz, and pop .just what you need for a lazy Sunday afternoon or any day of the week. Bon Appetit!

Diesel Cafe is always buzzing with the young crowd. The food served here is impeccable which is meticulously prepared by professional Chefs having many years of culinary experience and it is quite different from any other place in eatery joints in Mangaluru. Although the pancakes, waffles and breakfast option still have an amazing spread, the rest of the items on the menu are also quite enjoyable. No doubt this place still gives a good vibe and customers keep coming back for more!

Diesel Cafe has an excellent ambience, it is well lit, with good seating arrangement and vintage posters. One wall is entirely mirrored – creating the right lighting for that perfect ‘selfie.’ And if you are a huge breakfast person, then indulge yourself in a traditional Western breakfast with the infallible combo of bacon and eggs, juicy, fried sausages , stacks of fluffy, buttery pancakes dribbled generously with maple syrup and the crispy waffles with a soft doughy centre, topped with strawberries and a liberal dollop of cream. So if you’re one of those people who eats breakfast like a king, definitely pay a visit to Diesel Cafe on a Sunday morning or any other mornings?

Diesel Cafe also serves good varieties of Western food like burgers, pasta, mousse, etc. The Cafe is neat and clean with courteous, friendly and caring staff. Service is excellent and you are treated with a smile. The spread is just right for an ideal meal. The service is quick and non-intrusive. If you’re lazy to cook some western or make some breakfast, Diesel Cafe can be a good place to try out some. Also try the lasagnas and pasta, which are the favourites at this place. Their hot chocolate and ice mocha are great too. They have one of the Mangaluru’s best English breakfast menu.

Diesel Cafe has that special old-world charm to it … A neat and a cozy place with good ambience and soothing music that takes you to another time. The food is presented in an extremely neat manner and is fresh, delicious and piping hot. There’s quite a variety to choose from – soups, starters, burgers, pasta, desserts etc. Their grills are very popular and so are the salads. Diesel Cafe is the best place in town to relax and unwind at – no doubt about it! If you are not a heavy eater, you can visit this place to have drinks and light food such as sandwich or any chicken dry dishes here. It is good to hang out with friends in the evenings.

Diesel cafe gives a rare combination of great food, ambience and as well as great service. The place is well set for a relaxing time with an excellent menu that has great range and quality. One of the key good points about the place is the awesome music that they play which generally consists of slow rock, retro and country which brings a unique charm. Having said all that, it’s your turn to patronise the new “Diesel Cafe” and feel the difference. And if you happen to meet one of these, namely Sumit Gambhir-the Managing Director; Damodar Shetty- Director of Operations; Chef Subhash Shirke, the Corporate Chef From Mumbai; Sanjith Das, the Restaurant Manager; and Nithin Shetty, the Front Office Manager, they will all treat you with courtesy and smile. Bon Appetit at Diesel Cafe!

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Collector’s Gate -Balmatta Circle, Mangaluru
Phone: 0824-2410601/6

Open : 7 Days a Week from 7.30 am-11.30 pm

Following is the Diesel Café Menu:

All Day Waffles & Pancakes-
All Waffles & Pancakes Accompanied by seasonal fresh fruits, honey, maple syrup and cinnamon spiced tres leches
Our Signature Waffles
Old School:
Classic Waffles, Melted butter
Banoffee :
Fresh banana, toffee sauce
The Epic:
Nutella, chocolate chips, crunchy cashew nuts
Diesel Waffle Sandwich
Fresh mozzarella, Oven roasted tomatoes, Basil
CC me:
Chicken, cheddar, sesame
Smoked ham, avocado
Fluffy Pancakes
Original American style pancakes with Blueberry compote
Rocky road:
Nutella & Chocolate chip
The Elvis:
Peanut butter, chocolate chip, caramelized banana
Breakfast of champions
All breakfast preparations are accompanied by with Lemon Chilly Pan Tossed Potato
3 Hearty Eggs:
Choose from sunny side, fried eggs, Mangalore masala
Parsi akuri:
Old school Bombay style anda bhurji, rice crispies
Boston Bhurji:
American corn, cottage cheese, crunchy cashew
Colombian scrambled:
South American style eggs, mix bell peppers, ripe tomatoes
Spanish Omlette
Bell peppers, fresh mozzarella, potato, spinach, onion,
Eggs Benedict:
Spiced bacon jam, herb hollandaise
Diet riot:
Egg white omelet, baby Spinach, mushroom, house Salad
Dongri Kheema Ghotala:
Super spicy chicken mince and eggs Hogan’s
Wrester’s style 5 eggs omelet, fresh mozzarella, Spinach
Devils on Horseback:
Bacon wrapped sausages
Oh My Hog:
5 Prime rashes of smoked grilled bacon
Choice of Toppings
Cheddar- /Parmesan-/Grilled chicken-/chicken sausage-smoked bacon-
Quick Bites
Garlic Bread:
Balmatta CCT:
Bruschetta :
Mozzarella, fresh tomato, basil, olive oiltoasted baguette
Skinny dip:
Crisp Potato skin, wasabi Mayo
French Fries:
Bbq rubbed, Sriracha mayo
Garlic Mozzarella bread:
Smoked Peppers Canapés:
With haricot beans and parmesan cheese
Pickled Mushroom Bruschetta
Lemon chilly pan tossed potato:
Siracha mayo
California Spring Rolls:
American Corn, Mozzarella and Sriracha Mayo Dip
Sausage Fest:
Chicken sausages, caramelized onions, honey mustard
Disco fries:
Rosemary fries, chicken sausages, Caramelised onions, tomato cream sauce,
Bacon burst fries :
Cheddar fries, bacon bits, spiced bacon jam
Soups :
Tom Yum:
Thai hot and sour
Tom Kha:
Thai broth, assorted spices, coconut milk
Cock-e- Leekie:
Traditional Scottish broth
Exotic Roasted Vegetable bisque:
Roasted pumpkin, cantaloupe seeds
Fisherman’s stew:
Classic French bouillabaisse
Salads :
Feel Good Salad
Red Lentils + Pomegranate +Cauliflower+ French vinaigrette:
Mix Melon Salad
Local melons + Avacados+ Ricotta cheese+ Lemon olive oil dressing:
Bacon Caesar:
Classic Caesar + Bacon bits+ Candy bacon + oven roasted potatoes
Protein Boost:
Chef’s salad with grilled chicken, boiled eggs, cheddar, Avocados, jalapeno, red onions, iceberg, peanut butter, French mustard dressing
STARTERS – Vegetarian
Khalid’s hummus:
Red beans hummus with lavaash / toasted bread

License to grill:

Grilled Asian Vegetables in Herbed Balsamic Reduction

Cheddar Croquettes:

Jalapeno Dip

Sumo’s Ring:

Assorted Tempura vegetables with trio of dips

Samurai’s Snack:

Asian style hot cottage cheese, pepper flakes, black & white sesame

Starters- Non Vegetarian

Death by wings:
Chicken wings, devil’s sauce


Gymkhana style egg and green chilly toast

Aunty Lily’s Fish n Chips:

Calicut fish n chips, spiced remolded

Gangnam Chicken:

CrispyKorean sesame chicken, sweet chilly dip

Chicken Pepper Bomb:

Sautéed Chicken, mushroom, black pepper sauce

Casablanca chicken

Moroccan style pan grilled chicken skewers

Collectors Gate Chicken:

Crisp Fried Chicken, Hot Garlic sauce

Whisky Prawns:

Flambéed Prawns, fresh scallions

Tempura prawns:

Trio of dips


Malabar Hill:

Grilled cottage cheese, jalapeno, smoked peppers

Public Demand:

Exotic balsamic pickled veggies

Thai Chicken:

Crispy fried chicken

Chimi Churri:

Argentinian cilantro chicken

Pulled Pork :

Bbq pork, fresh lettuce

From the Oven (Pizza)

Classic Margareta:

Roasted Tomato, Garlic, fresh lettuces

Bangkok Panner Chilly:

Sriracha Thai Spices, cottage cheese

Mac & Cheddar:

Our take on the Italian classic


Pesto Chicken Pizza

Greek lamb:

Rosemary Roasted lamb


Pickle Goan Pork Chorizo, Onion

3 cheese Pizza:

Parmesan, Cheddar, Mozzarella

Harissa Seafood Pizza:

Prawns, fish, calamari marinated in Moroccan spices



Choice of Sauce

Creamy Alfredo:

Cheese sauce, bell peppers


Spiced tomato, fresh basil, olives

Pesto Cream:

Fresh basil, nuts based sauce


Spiced tomato cream sauce

Choice of Toppings

Mozzarella- cheddar-

Grilled chicken- chicken sausage- smoked bacon-

Squid, prawns, Mix seafood-

Diesel specials to be highlighted

Rangoon curry bowl:

Our specialty- Burmese khauswey with 9 Condiments

Swiss Fondue :

Molten cheese bowl with flavored croutons, veggies

Vegetarian main courses

Glocal rice Risotto:

Fresh mushroom, baby corn, cheese sauce

Ratatouille Risotto:

Garden fresh vegetable with extra virgin olive oil

Spaghetti Alioolio:

Pasta, olive oil, garlic

Cottage Cheese Steak:

Crushed pepper, dehydrated Garlic

Kung Pao Potatoes:

Kung Pao sauce, Thai Basil fried rice

Green monk:

Wok Seared Vegetables and Greens soy sauce, burnt Garlic rice

Massaman Curry:

Served with Lemongrass infused steamed rice

Thai Green Curry:

Served with Lemongrass infused Steamed Rice

Non-Vegetarian main courses

Birmingham Bangers & Mash:

Chicken Sausages,caramelized onions, mustard mash

Hawker’s Noodle bowl:

Asian honey chilly glazed noodles with choice of vegetable

Citrus Paprika Chicken:

Grilled Chicken, citrus cream sauce, fresh vegetable, mash potato

Baked Chicken Feast –

Baked dish with Grilled chicken, sausages, bell peppers, spaghetti

Hunters Risotto:

Classic Chicken Cacciatore risotto, mushroom sauce

Soy 11 bbq chicken

Bbq chicken, thai hot chili, holy basil

Roast lamb

Red wine, oyster sauce, shitake mushroom, pakchoy

Six hour Cooked Pork shoulder:

Grilled cantaloupe, olive oil tossed potatoes, toasties

Grilled King Fish,

Lemon Jalapeno sauce (Phyllo Pastry)

Desserts :

Nutella Sandwich:

Chocolate Mud Cake

BanoffeeTart (3pcs)

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Apple Cinnamon Pie

Choice of Once Scoop ice cream

Vanilla/ Chocolate

Hot Beverage

Espresso –

Concentrated shot of coffee 30ml

Café Americano –

Diluted Espresso ( Regular black coffee)

Cappuccino –

Espresso topped with foam milk

Café Latte –

Espresso topped with steamed milk

Café Mocha –

Espresso topped with milk and chocolate

Caramel Latte

– Espresso topped with milk and caramel

Hazelnut Mocha –

Espresso filled with milk and hazelnut syrup

Hot Chocolate

– Milk with chocolate

Cold Beverage

Fresh Watermelon Juice :

Hand Pressed Juice:


Iced Café Latte –

Double espresso shot, chilled milk and sweetener

Iced Café Mocha –

Double espresso shot, chilled milk and chocolate syrup

Diesel Frappe –

Double espresso shot, milk, vanilla ice cream

Hazelnut and Oreo Shake

–Oreo, chocolate and hazelnut syrup

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