The Over Rated Legend!

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The weekend nears and yours truly, the 3 hungry men decide to fire up another super review for our readers. This time we decided to go Hotel Abhiman, the pioneer of the chicken Ghee Roast in Mangalore. Since we were still hungry after our 5pm snack, we settle on dinner there!
The hotel wore a deserted look as we entered, but that was the least of our worries. Ambience was commonplace and not appealing, again the least of our worries. We were already pretty blah-ed (yes, it’s a word) and hence we decided to put their boastful existence to the test. They weren’t really helpful with helping us order so we decided to put our cards on the table and play the known vs unknown game.
Beverage menu was discouraging price wise. So we decided not to waste any time and order the starters without further ado. We placed the order which the waiter humbly took down and only after a painful wait of 30 minutes, our starters arrived.

Chicken lollypop was pretty good, but we could taste the thick masala that was greased around the chicken. It tasted something like the local Chinese guy type but their special ?Chicken Keshav Chilly? was fantabulous. The name however comes to the dish as a chef named Keshav cooked it. But before we savoured the taste of this dish, we dug into 8 bite sized pieces and looked back at the bowl to find only chillies and bones!
Thankfully the main course was pretty quick. We didn’t want any more experiments and went for the safest ‘butter chicken’. Half a portion for Rs.175 WITH bones? Geez… But the accompaniments were tasty alright, Naan and yummy Ceylon Parathas.
We had not more of problems with the service but while serving butter chicken, the impatient and ignorant looking waiter dropped some of the gravy of the butter chicken on Colin’s phone and neither did he clean it up nor apologized but conveniently trotted off.
The biryani saved the day. It was tasty and moderately priced. The only satisfying thing besides the tasty caramel custard we ordered for dessert.
Pre dessert we were super unsatisfied with the quantity and decided to gorge on their legendary Chicken Ghee Roast. We then thought ?dismayed? and ?disappointed? would be an understatement. We had such good hopes on this dish but it completely let us down!
Unsatisfied and depressed, We just paid the bill and left.
All in all, we expected more from this hotel but you can come here only for the Biryani which most hotels cook and serve to you for a little lesser price. We had not noticed any signature dishes here as well.
Ambience: 5/10
Food: 4/10
Value for money: 4/10
Location: 8/10

Author: Colin DSouza- Nikhil Pai- Rajat R

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