‘The Story of Yoga’ to be told via TV show

New Delhi, June 5 (IANS) With the UN declaring June 21 as the International Yoga Day as suggested by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a TV special, “The Story of Yoga” will trace the journey and popularity of the ancient Indian practice.

Discovery channel will air on June 21 an episode dedicated to yoga, covering its past and present.

The programme will be an inspirational voyage, taking the viewers through a journey to rediscover the practice which has been there since ages. The show will capture yoga’s journey to the west and its emergence into the modern society.

An hour-long episode will be exploring the the evolution, mysticism, spiritualism and cultural ethos of yoga.

“’The Story of Yoga’ is one of the most comprehensive narratives that provide an in-depth view on the evolution of yoga from an ancient practice to a lifestyle choice that’s making tremendous impact on people’s lives around the world,” Rahul Johri, the executive vice president and general manager, South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said in a statement.

The dedicated episode will give an elaborate view into prominent yoga schools, the lives of new age gurus and trends.

Tracing the unique forms of yoga, exploring the traditional approach to the practice to understanding different philosophies and schools of yoga, the episode will touch all strings.

Traversing through the length and breadth of India, navigating through the world, the viewers will get to rendezvous with avid practitioners of yoga and help understand the spiritual and healing powers of yoga.

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