The Way of Living Life

The Way of Living Life

I saw her face with the smile of fake
it looked like her smile in fade and dawned her face
and her sparkling eyes filled with tears
Looked like the sadness masked her smiling face.

I slowly stepped towards to brighten her face
and asked her to unmask the silence or is it just a hate
She said she never had anything but a bad fate
And her every wishes remains in unsatisfied state.

She said she doesn’t want to dream anymore
and forever want to hide her face from the world
She feels the world is unforgiving and a scary place
for a large amount of pain or despair, She had no word.
She looked like losing her own floor by willing more.
She had a sign of broken dreams and broken all the hope.

I understood the mean world has darkly clouded her sky
so holding her hand wandered to a bleak rustic place.
A narrow passage between the court of roses and thorns
And she was wearing the beautiful elongated silky gown.
She seemed to be too scared to walk in the way of grace
as she feared the unseen thorns piercing her gown.
She walked between the offensive thorny path a mile
slowly stopping often grasping her gown with the frozen smile.

I asked her what did you feel in the path of roses and thorns
in an apologetic tone she said the world is a wreckage in unsatisfied state
and it’s not a paradise to accomplish every dream and every day to celebrate.
She said, though it was not easy she learned to overcome trouble
and taught herself the way of living life and how to rise along with struggle.
As life is similar to wearing a gown and walking between the roses and to bear thorns
she threw away all her broken dreams, as she now believes in the happier smiley day.
As she realized the way of life, she’s willing to build the paradise holding my arms
and promised me to keep it up forever as all her broken dreams are given away.

Author’s Note:

I am Mohammed Mohsien from Mangaluru presenting my written work. Willing to demonstrate how to live a happy successful life without hurting yourself and others. It’s so easy to be materialistic in the world which is not the paradise. Being more materialistic may cause a lot of trouble like depression and feelings of a mean world as though something strange is happening to you without any knowledge and it will be more difficult to overcome such situations and we will break all the hope of living a better life.

It’s the nature of human to be in unsatisfied state by willing more, than being happy with what they have. But it’s not wrong as we all have free will and rights to fulfill our wants. We must make sure that our dreams and wishes must never become an obsession or obstacle in our lives. Everything we see around us is beautiful and will be attracted towards it but we may not know what’s hiding beneath. So for every dreams and desire, we need to have patience and a right opportunity or we may fail to succeed. To live a better life we need to be careful about our every choice.

It’s so similar like how a beautiful woman wearing an elongated gown walks in the court of roses and thorns. She will walk carefully at her every step as she has a fear of thorns piercing her wear.

For More of My works find me at Instagram: @mmohsien.
I appreciate your precious time taken to read and understand what I have written. – A Sincere Thanks to all.

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