Theft of Rs 3.50 Lakh from Ishwaramangala Temple

Theft of Rs 3.50 Lakh from Ishwaramangala Temple

Puttur: Thieves broke into Shri Panchalingeshwara temple in Ishwaramangala in Nettanigemudnur village in the taluk on Sunday night.

They broke open the lock on the front entrance, stripped the upper part of the silver plates fitted on the sanctuary door. Some other silver adornments and three alms boxes on the premises have been taken away.


It is estimated that the alms boxes contained about Rs 45,000. Inclusive of it, the total value of the stolen goods is said to be Rs 3.50 lakh.

Two CCTV cameras fitted inside the temple and another outside had stopped functioning some time ago. This came handy for the miscreants to hide their identity.

Additional SP Vincent Shantakumar, Puttur ASP C B Ryshyanth and police teams from Puttur rural station in Sampya arrived and held investigations.

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  1. Thank (imaimaginary) God, this theft took place in a sanaathana temple so we can all safely ignore it and get back to modi – bashing. Had it been a church, the habitual troublemakers and their manufactured outrage would have reached a new high!!!

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