Thieves Rob Home-alone Woman in Padil of Rs 8 Lakh

Thieves Rob Home-alone Woman in Padil of Rs 8 Lakh

Mangaluru: Thieves broke into the house of Nina Jayapal (73) at Durbar Hill in Padil in the early hours of Monday and took away a large stock of valuables.

When they entered the house by forcibly breaking open the rear balcony door, she was sleeping. The thieves held a cloth, suspected to have been laced with some chemical, on her nose and mouth. She went unconscious as a consequence.

They took away a 48-gm chain of gold and coral, four gold bangles weighing 128 gms, four thin bangles weighing 24 gms, a gold bracelet weighing 12 gms, a gold necklace weighing 24 gms, gold and white gold-blended bangles weighing 40 gms, a few wrist-watches and Rs 30,000 in cash.

The total loss is estimated to be in excess of Rs 8 lakh. The rural station police have investigated the case. Surprise has been expressed about keeping such an amount of jewellery at home, when the owner, especially a senior citizen, stayed alone at home.

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