Titular Feast of St Lawrence Celebrated with fervour and devotion in Minor Basilica

Titular Feast of St Lawrence Celebrated with fervour and devotion in Minor Basilica
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Karkala: After the dedication and proclamation as Minor Basilica, the Titular Feast of St Lawrence was celebrated with great fervour and devotion by the devotees of St Lawrence Minor Basilica on Wednesday, August 10 at Attur Karkal.
Fr Leslie D’Souza Parish priest of St John evangelist Church Shankerpura Pangala was the chief celebrant of the solemn Feast Mass along with 25 priests from the neighbouring parishes and diocese.
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Before the mass Fr George D’Souza Rector of the Minor Basilica honoured the donors by distributing the feast candles.
In his introductory remarks, Fr Leslie D’Souza, the chief celebrant of the Feast Mass emphasized the greatness of St Lawrence in the church and highlighted his virtues and exhorted the devotees to emulate his example.  We should learn from the virtues of St Lawrence and become devout and blessed Catholics with greater faith in Jesus and the church.
More than five thousand devotees attended the Titular Feast of their patron saint, St Lawrence.  Prior to the Feast Mass, candles of honour were distributed to the feast sponsors by Fr George D’Souza Rector of the Minor Basilica.
titular-feast-of-stawrence-attur-karkala-20160810-10 titular-feast-of-stawrence-attur-karkala-20160810-11 titular-feast-of-stawrence-attur-karkala-20160810-12 titular-feast-of-stawrence-attur-karkala-20160810-13 titular-feast-of-stawrence-attur-karkala-20160810-14 titular-feast-of-stawrence-attur-karkala-20160810-15 titular-feast-of-stawrence-attur-karkala-20160810-16 titular-feast-of-stawrence-attur-karkala-20160810-17
 Following the end of the Feast Mass, Fr George D’Souza, on behalf of the priests, extended best wishes of the Titular Feast of St Lawrence to all the devotees and thanked those who had helped to conduct the feast ceremony meaningfully. Assistant priest Fr Vijay D’Souza also present.
After the mass, there was a prayer for St Lawrence and also prayers for the sick. There was a fellowship meal for all the devotees who participated in the festal celebrations.
The spiritual preparation for the Titular Feast of St Lawrence had begun in the form of the novena that started from August 1. A large number of parishioners regularly participated in the novena.

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