Today, We

Today, We……

(Today is the FEAST of the EPIPHANY, one of the oldest Christian Feasts, The Catholic and Protestant Churches focus on the VISIT of the MAGI; the Eastern Orthodox Churches on the BAPTISM OF JESUS in the River Jordan. This poetic-reflection is to CELEBRATE the day!)

Today, We SEARCH…..

Longingly for the truth, life and light

In a manner sincere but discreet

Plodding through boring manuscripts

Just like the professional scientists

Gazing at the galaxies in the skies

Seriously asking a million “whys’

Very eagerly waiting for the day

To be revealed to us, the true way

Today, We SEE …..

The star in the faraway east

For us indeed a veritable feast

We begin our arduous journey

Without any shred of hesitancy

Our nagging doubts and human fear

Makes that shining star to disappear

The road we lose but find a palace

Which on hindsight is a sheer disgrace

Today, We SHARE…

Our dreams and all our hopes

With those who are certainly dopes

They soon connive and plot horribly

Being naïve, we don’t see treachery

We later find the Child and to him we give

All that we are and have, so others may live

Gold, frankincense myrrh and much more

Camels, warm clothes and food for the poor


Going back to that beastly den of power

Steeped in jealousy, pride and rancour

We forfeit the privileges Herod promised

Fully aware they were bribes so tarnished

We give up the easy way to our destination

Embracing the new found path to salvation

The faith we have after worshipping the King

Is far precious and of that, we will always sing

Today, We STAND….

With the humble Holy Family of Nazareth

As they seek refuge in a foreign land, Egypt

The gifts we gave them they have left behind

They had to flee at night in a manner unkind

The camels however were their great solace

As they transported them to a more secure place

The trio we serve, advocate for, genuinely accompany

That is why we are known by the world as THE MAGI

Today, We SUPPORT…

Wholeheartedly, refugees and all those displaced

The poor, the marginalised and others excluded

The child who needs loving and total protection

From the world’s violence and evil subjugation

The ‘Mary’ who lives in our mother and our sister

Who is despised and ill-treated because of her gender

The gifts we bring are no longer material and worldly

But those of love, peace, joy, justice, equity and dignity!