Tokyo: First ever robot wedding takes place in Japan

Tokyo (PTI): The first ever robot wedding has taken place in Japan in a glittering ceremony, complete with a wedding cake, a band and even a ‘kiss’ shared by the couple.

About 100 people gathered in Tokyo on June 27 to witness the two robots tie the knot.

The groom was Frois, a robotic creation from company Maywa Denki, and the bride was humanoid Yukirin, an android made in the likeness of a Japanese pop idol Yuki Kashiwagi, and developed by Takayuki Todo.

Frois, a boxy red and silver robot, wore a bow tie while the bride donned a traditional white wedding gown.

Pepper, a robot developed by Aldebaran for Softbank, officiated the wedding before the audience of human and robot guests, according to ‘’.

Frois and Yukirin also shared a ‘kiss’. The ceremony included cake, music, dancing and a performance by a robotic band.

A crowd gathered to watch the pair stroll down the aisle at central Tokyo’s Aoyama Cay. However, they had to shell out USD 81 to witness the union.

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