Top US Navy officer jailed over bribery scandal

Washington, March 26 (IANS) A high-ranking US Navy captain has been sentenced to nearly four years in jail for passing classified information to a Malaysian defence contractor.

Daniel Dusek provided the information in exchange for luxury hotel stays and the services of prostitutes, BBC reported.

Desek was also ordered to pay a $70,000 fine and $30,000 in restitution to the navy.

He is the highest-ranking officer to be charged in one of the US military’s worst bribery scandals.

Sentencing Dusek in San Diego, California to 46 months in prison, Judge Janis Sammartino said: “It is truly unimaginable to the court that someone in your position with the US Navy would sell out based on what was provided to you — hotel rooms, entertainment and the services of prostitutes.”

Dusek, 49, who plead guilty in January 2015 to conspiracy to commit bribery, told the court he would never forgive himself for his actions.

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  1. Daniel Dusek, a U.S. Navy Captain has been fined and jailed for nearly four years for passing military secrets to a Malaysian defence contractor. A Captain is equivalent in rank to a Colonel in the Army. When George Bush, Jr. was the President, his daughter was caught by the policelya driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and fined by the Courts.

    Here in India politicians are either involved in sleaze or scandals or anti-national activities in protecting economic offenders like Lalit Modi and Vijay Malla. When the journalists would ask Arun Jaitley about BJP politicians involvement in protecting Lalit Modi, he would dodge them by saying, “But they were not tainted.”

    Sadly, both Congress and BJP are incompetent and corrupt parties.

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