Traffic Police Inspect Trucks for Safety

Traffic Police Inspect Container Trucks and Tankers for Safety

Mangaluru: The traffic police team led by ACP Uday Nayak inspected container trucks and tankers in the city here, on June 15.


48 container trucks and tankers were inspected for the locking system as well as safe driving. One case of negligence against a driver was registered for not securing the container properly. A notice would also be served to the owner for negligence, said the police.

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Speaking to, ACP Uday Nayak said that there are a number of accidents that take place due to the negligence of drivers as well as the owners of container trucks and tankers. They do not take precautions before plying on the roads to other states or districts, he added.

He further said, “Recently, 5 people died on the spot after a container truck rolled over an oncoming auto-rickshaw and a car at Valachil. There were allegations that the negligence of the driver caused the accident. After receiving several complaints, Police Commissioner Chandra Sekhar and DCP of Crime & Traffic Dr Sanjeev Patil initiated the inspection of all container trucks and tankers.”

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The inspection was carried out by ACP Uday Nayak and team. Inspection of such vehicles will continue and cases will be filed if rules are flouted.

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  1. Dear sir, most of the truck drivers drive on the right side of the road in highways, this causes lot of trouble to vehicles driving behind the truck.. i request you to take necessary steps to see to it that they drive on left side of the road.. Thank u.

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