Traffic Rules Violation – SP Annamalai seeks Public Support

Traffic Rules Violation – SP Annamalai seeks Public Support
Udupi: The district police have decided to take action against traffic violations in an innovative way.
In a press release, the Superintendent of Police, Annamalai K stated that many complaints are being received from the public on the two-wheelers and heavy vehicles violating traffic rules. Due to reckless driving, major accidents have been reported in recent days.
To control accidents in Udupi district, the police have requested the public to send photographs of traffic violations with the vehicle number through WhatsApp. The public can send photos of vehicles being driven recklessly to 9480805400. The local police will take action against the violators.
In a recent programme, SP Annamalai expressed his concern on the increased rate of accidents in Udupi district. This new idea will increase public awareness and help to control accidents in the district.

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