TransAsia crash pilot ‘pulled back wrong side throttle’

Taipei, July 2 (IANS) The pilot of the ill-fated TransAsia Airways flight GE23 said “Wow, pulled back the wrong side throttle”, eight seconds before the aircraft crashed into a river in February, killing 43 people, according to Taiwan’s aviation body.

Taiwan’s Aviation Safety Council (ASC) on Thursday released the transcript of the aircraft’s cockpit voice recorder (CVR), Xinhua news agency reported.

Although an irregularity was detected in the number two engine, it was recorded that the number one engine was shut down manually, the ASC report shows.

With 58 people on board, flight GE235, an ATR 72-600 model, crashed into the Keelung river at 10.54 a.m. on February 4, just minutes after it took off from Taipei Songshan Airport, leaving 43 people dead and 14 severely injured.

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