Are they not one amongst us,
Who share equal rights to live!
Then why don’t we treat them like us?
Instead, leave them behind to grieve!

Every now and then, they are forced to
Fight for their own existence!
Are they not humans like us?
Then, why do we show so much resistance!

We always tend to judge them,
On their choice of sexuality!
Why it’s so offensive if they choose to,
Face and accept their life’s reality?

Our eyes pop up everytime
We see them crossing a street!
As if an alien has landed up in front,
And is all set to pounce on us, to eat!

We make them part of our celebrations,
When we are in need of their blessings!
Then why we make them go through humiliation,
And invite upon us, their cursing’s?

Dear society be delighted to know,
They are the blessing in disguise!
There is nothing wrong to be a transgender
Their grace lies in the beholders’ eyes!

– Misha (Monisha G Carvalho)








Authors note: Hi, I am Monisha G Carvalho, a native from Kundapur, currently pursuing my Law studies at Lancaster University, United Kingdom. I hold interest in literature and I am trying to make my mark as a budding poet. Through my poetries, I am trying to convey messages against the societal vices with a sole intention to enlighten minds. You can find me often writing under my pen name Misha on my blog – “Soulful Poetry”, . You can even follow me on Instagram @soulful_poetry_misha .

Thanks for sparing your precious time to read my poetries. If you like it, then I kindly request you to share a word about it so that we together, can make an effort to enlighten more minds and create a better living place for ourselves. I am also grateful to for your support in publishing my poetry.

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Rachana R

Very nice work Monisha. .?nice view on neglected part of the society. Even though government provide facilities for them, they are not properly conveyed to them.. Transgender’s should be educated. ..nice revolutionary poetry.continue your good deeds..

Ashmitha Correa

Beautiful write up Misha.. it’s the sad reality of our society, keep writing wishing you all the best so that ul become great writer some day in your near future.. Cheers ?